One of the languages of Tlön has no nouns but uses a accumulation of adjectives to indicate things. Seems like an ideal language in which to write a Lovecraftian tale. Advertisements

When I was in high school, I found that interpreting symbols for English class would bring on a mild sort of paranoia. I would begin to look for symbols in everyday life. To cite one example: I had been sharing possum-related jokes (the kind that seemed funny at the moment) with a girl on whom […]

(Except for that one time he killed a guy.) Otherwise, he’s blond, blue-eyed, never expresses emotion, lacks empathy, butts heads with those who refuse to see his brilliance, dismissive of mysticism and pursues scientific achievement for its own sake. Of course, HPL never describes him as tall or strong or describes his posture, but he […]

Certainly some po-mo philosopher must have noticed that the author, while never fully present in the text, is never entirely absent, always lurking in spectral form.

Sometimes I toy with the idea of writing pop culture reviews from the point of view of a modern Phansigar, that a member of the ancient fraternity of Thuggee, a devotee of Bhavani. (Or, in the common parlance, a Thug.) The idea came up again while watching the disastrous final episode of Dexter. It probably […]

I decided that The Astrologer (‘El Astrologo’) from Arlt’s The Seven Madmen really should be a Batman villain. Does Batman ever have adventures in Buenos Aires?

The thought occurred to me today that perhaps Libertango is actually Liber Tango, though perhaps it would be Liber Tangae, save for the fact that there is no word for tango in Latin.